Saturday, August 04, 2007

It is like a river flow

We are all busy people. So, have you seen a river flow? Do you have a chance to see a river flows?

We don’t have to always drive on the fast lane. If you subscribe to the universal law of physics of conservation of energy, Total energy in life = constant. The faster you go, the more energy you consume, the less energy remains in you.

Speed makes your heart pumps harder, your organs work harder. These are abnormal stresses. Drawing analogy to Fatigue theory, under repeated cycles, the stress tolerant levels of the organs are dropping with every stress cycle. This leads to premature failure.

We don’t have to always drive on the fast lane all the time. Switch to slower lanes at time, take alternative roads. The break from routine would help you to see the other side of the world and may give you pleasant surprises.

Back to where we begin. Have you seen a river flows? Have you touched the river flow? I did that. I made two observations:

Observation 1: water flows the fastest at mid-stream, but stagnant at river banks. This is not a new discovery. 2500 years ago Buddha already said that. When I learned about pipe flow theory, it reinforced the natural phenomenon with explanation. It is all about shear stresses.

Having saying all these, it boils down to choices. Would you want to adopt a more dynamic approach in life like the mid-stream of a river flow or would you prefer a stagnant sidelined style like water at the river banks?

Observation 2: you touched the water a moment ago. You touch the water now. You are touching the river flow but the waters that you are touching now and you were touching a moment ago are no longer the same.

Water comes; Water goes. People come; people go.
Tomorrow; yesterday. Next year; yesteryear. Life; death.
We read history and we become part of the history.

Our existence on earth is a pure coincident. By nature or by fate. How to make ourselves everlasting?

In my teenage day, I came across the first English song in my life, very touching. It was a TV advertisement for Kodak film:

Good morning yesterday
You wake up
And time had skipped away
And suddenly it’s hard to find
The memories you left behind
Do you remember?
Do you remember?

By the way, do you remember when did you last use the Kodak film?