Sunday, February 04, 2007

Are you a winner

Every Christmas season, Turkeys suffered a major lost of lives to human. This trend had been continued year after year, century after century.

One fine day, a group of Turkeys decided to call a stop to such agony. They gathered all the Turkeys for a meeting in the jungle. The theme was to free their lives from now on.

Through the mass brainstorming, they realized that the key reason for not be able to escape fast enough from the human hunters was mobility. They had to improve their mobility and the only way was to fly. They shared their theories and observations on how other birds gained aerodynamic support through flipping their wings. They experienced flying enthusiastically during the session. At the end of it, many of them actually acquired the skill of flying although they still looked a little sluggish. They all agreed to go home to improve on their individual flying skill. They would come back again to share the best practices.

They left the meeting and WALKED home happily.

So you know what had happened.

Year after year, century after century, Turkeys are still walking. They are still the sumptuous meal on the Christmas tables.

Great vision. Great plan. No action.

How many of your friends in your circle belong to such category? They share with you about their dreams, their strategies and their action plans. Yet they did not turn out to be the winners. Because they did not act.

Eventually, they live with regrets, and more regrets. 飞鸿渐杳,算年华又过几清秋 - 梁羽生.

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